Ohio people are great

Sun, 2010-03-21

So it was Sunday and still gorgeous weather in NYC. I talked to my family in the morning and left our flat later on, heading up again to Manhattan.

This time I took the Brooklyn bridge. I walked around Ground Zero and along the Broadway. I got some running shoes at Union Square. Asiscs GT 2150 for 55 Euro. That is amazing. These shoes cost about 120 Euros in Austria.

Later on I went up again Rockefeller Center. I met 3 cool, nice and funny students from Ohio. We hat so much fun and spent the rest of the afternoon together.

Unfortunately they will go home to Ohio next week. Maybe I can meet them again.

Later on I went to a function for our company. The were a lot of people and we got offered free vine, fruits and sweets.

Cool day, cool people, cool night.

I came home late night and went immediately to bed. I was tired from the weekend.