Worst day in my life

Mon, 2010-03-15

Do you know these days where everything goes wrong?
Where the whole world or maybe the whole universe is against you?
Nothing seems to work and you just want to disappear ...
Yeah I can tell you, I had such a day last Monday.

I woke up and went to the company, not knowing what will happen that day. I reached EnergyHub at 9 AM and stayed there for almost 9 hours. It was terrible. I was working on a serious bug and I could not find the error. I really wasted my time. I was frustrated and so I decided to walk home at about 6 PM.

Recently after I left the company I almost got hit by a work car. What a shi*. I crossed the street by white light (which means green in Europe) but that guy just did not stop. Luckily I survived.

After I reached the flat I went to the bathroom. I pulled the trigger from the toilet. You will not guess what happened. The toilet was broken and all the water went into the bathroom. What a great day!

After 30 minutes I was done with cleaning the bathroom and so I went to the kitchen. I opened the oven - my pizza was already black. Dinner gone.

With no dinner I decided to drink some beers. I opened the fridge. Beers were gone. Vine too.

Lets watch a movie I thought. I turned on my laptop and made a coffee. I started the movie and immediately split coffee over my laptop. Laptop EQUALS dead.

What a shitty day. I was completely frustrated and devastated.

I looked around and found some tools. So I decided to open my dead laptop and to look what is going on inside. It took me about 2 hours to open, clean and close the laptop. I tried it once more and it worked again !!! I was so happy.

As a reward I ordered dinner for myself. My 2 roommates came home and we had a nice evening.

The bathroom is now cleaner than before and the toilet is working well.


And now the best thing. On Tuesday I came to the company and all the people were happy because I found a critical error on Monday.


To sum it up > I was a terrible Monday with an awesome ending!!