Central Park (again) and Coney Island

Sat, 2010-04-03

Once again I spent a Saturday in Central Park. Weather was awesome. I met Maike again, which I know since the weeked at SixFlags entertainment park.

Later on we met some friends of here and tried to go out in Manhattan. Unfortunately one of us was under 21, so we had some troubles getting into a bar.

Sunday was awesome weather too. After running in the Prospect Park I went to Coney Island to meet the girls from the day before.

Coney Island is a fun park / beach which looks like an African village. I think it is a little bit f***ed up. Weather was nice / hot and Coney Island was totally over crowed.

We walked along the beach and later on I took a nap on the pierre.

By the way: the attached photos prove that it is save to eat a fast food restaurants ....