Austrians in New York - Part I

Fri, 2010-03-05

Friday Night Alex came to New York for a weekend. Although he is from Austria, he currently lives in L.A. I know him from my university. He has graduated 2008 (Masters Degree).

Friday night we went to Madison Square Garden to watch the Muse concert. Claudia and Lynda joined us. Kirstin and Eva stayed at the hotel, because they were already to tired. The concert last till 23 PM and was really great. Madison Square Garden is really a cool location and Muse had a cool live show.

Afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some beers. I went home at 1 AM and arrived at the flat at 2:15 AM. The subway is really going slow during the night, because the trains stop at every station. I stayed up till 3:30 PM and talked with my roommates.