12 miles a day - walking through NYC

Sat, 2010-04-10

After running through Prospect Park and a healthy breakfast, I packed my stuff and went to Manhattan / downtown.

I went along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge later on. After passing Ground Zero and took the highline up to 42nd street.

Further heading up north I visited the Sony Wonderlab and later on the MET.

I was almost 6 PM and I went down again after dinner. I stopped at the Rockefeller Center and went up to the top.

I 9 PM I reached Union Square and Christian and Vincent. We went out in bar13. I was really cool there, because some young undergraduate women had a birthday party there.

We danced a lot. Awesome day, awesome night.

So altogether I walked up from Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan. And then 80 streets up and 60 streets down. Thats a lot!