EnergyHub goes Prospect Park

Wed, 2010-04-07

Due the hot weather this week, EnergyHub went to Prospect Park for a pic nic.

Once again we had nice weather in New York, almost 88 F. After lunch we played some games and went to a pub later on.

4th week

Fri, 2010-03-26

4 weeks of my internship at EnergyHub are already over.

It was a busy week and a great weather to work. (In fact it was quite cold and raining a lot on Monday and Tuesday).

As I wrote before, I am having a great time in the company.

I found a new flat for April and May and will leave my current one at the beginning of April. I am looking forward to move and hope to stay further in touch with my current roommates.


First week at work

Sat, 2010-02-27

My first week at EnergyHub is over and it was really great. We have flexitime and I normally work 9 - 5.

I spent the first 2 days with setting up my computer, work environment and the project I am currently working on. There are 5 people in the web development team, which I am in. Altogether about 17 people are currently working for EnergyHub.

I have a really fast computer - Intel iCore i750 4x (8x) 2,67 Ghz, 6 Gbyte RAM and 2 Full HD (1920x1280) TFT Displays.